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On this page we will detail the answer to the question
"For what you pay"

The issue price is no accident dedicated a separate page. I do it to you there is no question, "Why so expensive?" Or "What kind of money?". If you find my arguments enough, such a question would arise, if not - you better take a kitten in a shelter and save the life of a small miracle, and extra spending will not. 

And yet, from which sum price of a kitten, we have in any case:

1. Nutrition.
Unable to grow a healthy baby, if its power is not correct and balanced. Our animals are fed dry and wet foods manufactured super-premium and fresh raw beef. From dry, we prefer feed Hill's, Yams, ProPlan. Wet feed we use as a supplementary food, and for growing cats prefer wet food Bazita, they are more calories and nutritious than others. Raw beef requires cats, because by nature they are carnivores and their digestive system is built for the digestion of raw meat. Besides beef, an excellent source of protein, which is necessary for healthy growth, as can be given rabbit, filet of turkey and chicken, but poultry meat should be white ie breast, rather than legs.

Kitten's parents of course also have to eat right, to lay in the offspring's health since birth.

2. Vitamins.
Without additional vitamins proper development of babies as possible, as without proper nutrition. We use vitamins as in injections and tablets. The first dose of vitamins kittens are in the first day of life. I will not give here a list of vitamins as each mill owner their "secrets" of growing future "stars". Let me just say that the parents of kids you can always tell the difference growing animals have different owners. Because an adult animal - a reflection of all that it had invested in childhood. Each breed of their "weaknesses", and depending on it for each breed is chosen a pattern and a complex of vitamins. In the Kuril Bobtail is a "weak spot" of course the spin, because number of vertebrae in them is the same as that of a normal cat, but the tail, they are strongly deformed, they mostly grow jumps, ie dramatically gain weight, which also affects the state of the back. If you look closely to adult animals, it is easy to notice that most of them is sagging in the back. This can be avoided if we use some additives to food. I'm not talking about the quality of wool, muscle mass and bone. After purchasing a kitten from us, we give detailed recommendations for further cultivation.

3.Veterinary care.
All kittens should be observed by a veterinarian, this will give a guarantee (especially breeders) of their health. Getting your baby than you get a pedigree on him Pet passport international standard, which lists all details of the child and breeder, are marks of vaccinations (there must be 3, 2 of which are antiviral and 1 rabies), deworming and records. Pet passport may be wound up as a veterinary clinic, and by the breeder, it is not essential, above all that it contains all the necessary data.

4.The quality and popularity of the parents.
From good parents - good kittens. It's just like all brilliant.
Papa-cat should be very prominent on the exterior qualities, should have a title, proving that quality, and in addition to his show career must be a high place on the rings and the Best. After all, the title could get even just a good animal, and win a ring (or even just to get into the top ten, for example, where the ring exhibits 30-50 animals of different breeds) or go to the Best of the Best can only be truly remarkable animal. Another important factor is the number of animals at the exhibition and the level of these animals, and what were the experts. Usually the ring put up only the best animals, because makes no sense to bear the costs and know that will not win. Therefore, the place in the ring good indicator of the quality of the animal, ideally to know with whom the animal competed (see all ten), then there will be more clearly the true quality of the animal.
A mother-cat may not be as "stellar" career, as requirements for cats is significantly lower than to cats, because the cat in my life will make significantly more offspring than a cat, from him to a greater extent the future of the livestock breeds. But despite this cat should have no defects and disqualifying traits.

5.The quality of the baby.
Of course the kitten superior quality (or top show-show) is much more expensive than average quality cat (breed), or a kitten who has disqualifying characteristics (PET). I should tell what the quality of the kitten in detail. Let's start from the bottom-up.

PET class - without the prospect of a kitten show career. Males are more often pet class than females because cat can be either show or pet (which is why it is written above). Evaluation of the quality kittens - a task breeder, and depends on the requirements of the mill owner to an animal. We have very strict culling of offspring, all males average or just good quality relate to the PET class, to cats, we are more loyal, but if the cat has no outstanding qualities (at least 1 outstanding, important breed characteristics), it also ranked by PET class. These kittens also grown, as kids better quality, we make no distinction between "good" and "bad", they are as pets. Animals in this class must be neutered. If you get our cat, he will be neutered, if the cat, then a pedigree is only possible after the sterilization. Kittens of this class can gain at least 93 points according to the standard.

Breed class - these cats who do not have "star" exhibition prospects, but not easy to get high titles, possessing some outstanding breed qualities. These kittens (once again make a reservation, only female) may participate in exhibitions and breeding work. Kittens of this class should gain at least 93 points according to the standard (Champion).

Show and Top-Show class - the animals class. They have outstanding conformation data, have good prospects for the exhibition, is the future "stars". An animal of this class should gain at least 98 points according to the standard (the world title, the highest title for the system WCF).

We still have a conventional class. Show-castrate. Animals in this class a little smaller than the price of animal Show class because of what they already neutered. For exterior qualities are not inferior to the show animals. They can also make a brilliant career in a class of eunuchs. Reasons for castration may be different, but in this case it is not low quality. Animals of this class should gain at least 98 points according to the standard.
The division into classes is conditional, that one mill owner pet, another may be the show. It depends on the requirements of the breeder and the general level of the animal breeder. Therefore it is desirable to acquire your kitten has participated in exhibitions, classroom litter (manure), in the baby class (infants from 10 to 12 weeks) or in the classroom kittens (3 months), the scorecard will describe in detail the expert kid, all its advantages and disadvantages. Undoubtedly, the baby, who has won, has more prospects.

6.Last but not least - is the financial viability of the future owner.

Price - is a kind of "insurance" for the future of kitten. If a person is not able to get a kitten, the question arises on what it would it contain? Believe me, this is expensive. Requirements babies are large enough. We treat our kittens are like children. We want to be well contained. We know many cases where owner played enough kitten and threw it. Pay for a kitten is expensive, the owners probably will return unwanted kitten to breeder, and not throw out.

Of course, there are many nuances, such as if we are interested in the kitten, in his breeding use, we offer co-ownership, and then the price will be considerably lower. In each case, with every kitten price - an individual issue. But in general, I think I answered the question "What kind of money?", And you will be able to objectively assess the worth of this or not, personally for you.

Thanks for reading.